Do. There Is No Try

To paraphrase one of my favorite childhood teachers, Master Yoda, “Only do, there is no try”.

Trying is non-committal. It forms a mentality of being present but not actually being there. I don’t mean trying like sampling a new meal or laundry detergent. I’m talking about commitment to a particular goal or action step. It’s pretty black or white – I’m either going to do something or I won’t. That applies to endeavors I pursue or work that I perform. There isn’t anything special about this message. I just know that I like to be fully engaged in something, and give it my best. As a result, I produce great stuff. Maybe there’s a positive visualization component here, but I’m pretty sure the same could apply to anyone.

I’ll try to get something done, or I’ll try to be a better (insert role here) are statements poised for failure. Trying is a half ass attempt where doing is a fully committed mindset that leads to right action. Doing is pouring your heart and soul into the task and having the drive to accomplish it until its over.

There isn’t much risk in trying. There isn’t much reward either.

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