Don’t Carry Too Much

This applies to all kinds of things. But mainly what I’m focusing on are work tasks. I can’t do everything all the time – even though I’d like to. Entrepreneur’s have to know when to start delegating, and trust their team members to carry out their vision. Its a lot easier when you share that vision clearly and repeatedly. Oh yeah, don’t forget to pile on lots of positive encouragement to keep people just as excited as you are.

I’m often reminded by my team that “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Yeah, I know that, and I’m not trying to build an empire (yet). I just want things to get executed properly and yesterday. Like most bosses, we hate wasting time or not making things happen. The opportunity costs are too great with every day lost ya know.

I understand quality ideas and execution take time. So I aim not to carry too much – meaning carry my team. They have to be self sufficient and operate apart from my input. I trust them and they trust me.

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