Don’t Forget To Breathe

Things can come flying at you pretty fast. Good stuff, bad stuff, it’s all the same. When I’m running at 100 mph, I can’t stop. Nor do i want to. The momentum is too great to break. And then, when I start to go into overdrive (which is quite often) – forget about it.

As you can probably tell by now, I’m really intense with my work. That’s because I’m so passionate about the work we do. We produce quality stuff and provide the BEST for our clients. But with the constant go-go-go attitude, once could easily burn out. Not me baby. That’s because my team and I won’t forget to take some well deserved breathers. Creative folks like us need these timeouts to continue producing fresh ideas each and every day. Beside, no freshness = no money.

So I relish those moments when things slow down and we can take things at a slower pace. As rare as they are, you can bet I’m basking in the ambiance whenever possible.

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