Don’t Start Something You Can’t Finish

This has become a big one for me. I usually practice this idea to some degree when I’m out at a restaurant or bar – I know what my eyes can’t eat.

But, being a serial entrepreneur, you have to really pick your battles for attention. An even deadlier mix is being surrounded by “creative” people and outlets all day long. So for me, everything becomes new and fresh and really shiny.

It’s taken me awhile to first recognize the shiny happy feeling, consider the implications for taking on a new idea, opportunity, project, etc. and then move forward or not. To an entrepreneur, EVERYTHING is worth doing, but really it isn’t. That’s why I won’t start something that I can’t see coming to an end. I think a lot of people never consider the end point (which actually signifies some form of success).

Everything must come to an end at some time. The million dollar question is how will it end? On your terms or theirs? Will it end because you planned for it, or because it was a totally bad idea, and you should have thought it through more before taking it on in the first place? It’s ok to admit you were wrong and it’s ok to quit!

So, every idea I pitch, or is pitched to me goes through this sort of filter to ensure if this is something worth doing or not.

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