Lead By Example

How else do we expect to earn the respect and dedication from family, friends, co-workers and clients? If you’re unwilling to do something, and you expect someone else to follow-through with it instead, how is that going to inspire ongoing confidence, execution and results? See where I’m going with this?

There are times I don’t look forward to doing certain things, but I do it so my troops know I’m willing to do it and that it can be done. Even deeper, I set the tone for how my organization is going to run. No liars, cheaters or greedy bastards need apply. If a problem needs attention, fix it. If a mistake is made, own up to it. The morals and values I establish is the basis for how everyone around me will conduct business. Same goes for you.

If you manage a team, department or company – people look to you to set the tone. That means you have to be the leader – and being a leader is really about knowing what you want, what others want, and how to get shit done. There’s no magic involved. We’re not born into it either. It’s a choice – So, step up and show everyone what you stand for.

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