The Expert’s Blind Spot

When you’ve become the expert at something – it can be tough to put aside what you know. That’s when the curse of knowledge kicks in.

But I’m no fool. I won’t pretend for an instant that my way is the only right way. It’s just one way which I’ve come to know that works for me (and the people I help). The problem is that when we become “experts” or “masters”, we become stuck in our process. We’ve come to expect the punchline, or worse analyze it to death. It then become a rigid way to saying, doing and seeing things – not as they are, but as you think they should be. That’s a big stain. Big time. It’s like the saying goes, “If all you’ve got is a hammer, then suddenly every problem is a nail”.

Having a beginners mind opens the world up to new things. With this viewpoint, everything is possible and anyway is the right way. Totally open, blue sky thinking.

But then again, what do I know? I’ve said too much anyways.

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