What You Give is What You Get

Pouring your heart and soul into something you really want will eventually bear fruit. There are tons of sayings to underscore this point, but what I meant by my wallpaper quote “What you give is what you get”, is that if you want to accomplish something, you gotta work at it every single day.

Eventually putting the time and energy into your something will pay off some pretty big dividends. Same goes for how we treat others, what we put in our bodies, or the work we’re supposed to be doing. Drip by drip, these little things start to add up to bigger things. When we’re good to others, social points will overflow. When practicing healthy diets, our bellies get flattened. Nothing gets accomplished unless YOU put forth the effort. That goes for everything in life. You control the outcome for how you want things to be – really. Just step back for a second and think about all the last time you took the initiative and made the “impossible” happen. Relish in that huge win. What did you accomplish? How did that make you feel?

Write it down, post it somewhere or e-mail it to me.

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