Writing Down Your Dreams

Block off about 1 hour of time and write down all the dreams you’d like to accomplish. No matter how crazy they seem – write them ALL down. This is not as easy as it appears. It took me a long time to remember what I truly wanted, and not what I was expected to want. Do you know what I mean?

As I reviewed my list of dreams for the first time, I noticed 3 major dream categorizations. Shit I want to own, places I want to go, and people I want to meet. Your results will vary – but start looking for the common threads to your dreams.

You have to dig deep and remember all those wonderful things you said you wanted to do one day. It’s also a bit painful since most of what you’ll write down are things you had every intention of doing – but somehow your dreams got pushed to the side, and “real life” took over.

The point is to remember what you really want out of this life. Be totally honest about what you want and write it down. Because everything you write down is actually the precursor to something even better than your amorphous dreams – it’s the realization of your tangible goals.

If you’re open to it, send me your list of dreams, and I’ll send you mine. Then we can talk about how to transform your most important dreams into real things you can see on paper.

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