Discovery & Planning

Knowing where we are headed is the best way to help ensure we get there. Nice saying. However, we live by this philosophy. We conduct solid research to better understand and align what our clients and their constituents want. Conducting usability testing and focus groups identifies valuable insights, creates a better final product, and ultimately saves time+money.

It’s about Findability

Who cares how great your site is if no one can find it? One of the essential groups of ingredients we “bake into” every website is the use of effective key words – essential to good search. We want your site to be easily found by the people that matter most to you. We do our homework to ensure we select the right keywords that your audiences use in searches and with which we can realistically be successful in getting high rankings. We also ensure everything is easy to find within the site!

Fit & Support

We study your web analytics to help us better understand more about your users and their technical needs. AND, our process involves understanding your business and technical requirements to ensure your new website fits into and supports the rest of your operations (sales, IT, etc.).


Telling your story

Every picture tells a story, and we want to help our clients tell and sell their great stories. We follow a careful process to understand your business, offerings and objectives. We create sites that fit and support your brand, engage your users and help grow your business.

We also design web-based applications to facilitate clients’ business functions, such as ordering systems.

The right structure & design

Once we know and have agreed on your story, and how we’ll tell it, we sketch out the sections, flow and overall architecture – basically, this is where we create your site’s skeleton. After we review everything together and agree on the structure, we begin creating appealing and functional visual elements – the actual design. We think through every design element to support the big picture.

It just works

Everything we do is with the end user in mind. We want your site to stimulate, interest and meet the needs your audiences – while, of course, achieving your goals for the site. Clients often tell us the websites we design simply make sense, are easy to use and are elegant. Sometimes we even hear the word gorgeous tossed around.


No jargon, just results

Besides being great designers, we are technical experts. We know and use the right tools (software and programming languages) every day. We carefully assess your needs and recommend the best approach to build your site to meet all of your needs – and to function flawlessly.


We also create sophisticated, yet simple company Intranet sites to help clients connect, inform, and communicate with employees and other designated parties.

Power in your hands

Our clients can always easily access and make instant changes to the sites we create. We do this by building sites with open-source content management systems and tools, such as WordPress and ExpressionEngine. We provide tutorials, lessons, and are happy to hold your hand as you learn how to make the magic happen on your own.