What We Do


We are research-driven, and dig deep to understand the needs and desires of your customers and how you want to better serve them.


We collaborate with your team on creative, proven, actionable approaches that will bring your organizational and business goals to fruition.


We have an extensive, trusted network of experts, whom we work closely with to ensure that your strategy has a practical way forward.


We help our clients articulate what success means to them, develop metrics to measure it and establish feedback loops for continuous improvement.


Established in 2006, the Usman Group is a boutique digital communications consultancy providing strategic guidance to select organizations. We apply the concepts of design thinking to help companies translate business objectives into tangible goals, validate what matters most, and design a path forward. Together, our nimble team tackles communications and technology challenges quickly and creatively, with superior results for our clients.

Why Choose Us?

Focus. Quality. Experience. Results. No waste. We are a tight-knit network of experienced experts in digital solutions. We keep our overhead low and our pricing competitive. We would never expect our clients to subsidize our fancy offices or bloated salaries — because we don’t have them. We deliver only what you need, and charge accordingly for it. We choose to work with a small, select group of clients for whom we know we can make a big impact. This ensures that each and every client gets our full attention, and the very best from our team.

Highlights of Our Work

National Safety Council

To educate U.S. drivers on how to use new and unfamiliar vehicle safety technologies, we designed an interactive experience that spanned multiple messaging points, interest levels and age groups to provide a safer driving experience for all.

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Chicago Sun Times

To better represent the increasing number of communities it covers and accommodate its burgeoning online readership, we gave this big-city newspaper a comprehensive digital makeover.

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Red Prairie

We helped this leader in global supply chain management raise its digital profile and exponentially increase its customer leads to help it reach its financial goals.

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Johnson Controls

We used storytelling and a comprehensive digital makeover to re-brand ShopperTrak, a leading retail analytics subsidiary of Johnson Controls, providing a more effective way for the company to communicate with its target audiences and gain new customers.

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We helped this pioneer in “name your own price” discount travel services revamp its internal communications and provide a digital platform for its global workforce to engage and collaborate more efficiently.

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The RoomPlace

Using online advertising and content strategies, we provided a fresh approach to help this furniture retailer of the “total room” concept reach new audiences, increase customer leads and achieve higher sales.

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