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Reaching the 1%

Achieva Wealth Advisors is the wealth management arm of southwest Florida’s Achieva Credit Union, focusing on personalized investment and wealth management solutions. Because the wealth advisory targets high-net-worth individuals, it wanted a website and marketing efforts separate from the credit union that would appeal to this select audience.

Achieva Wealth Advisors was drawn to the Usman Group because of our previous experience working with credit unions and other financial institutions.They asked us to develop a new look-and-feel, including a new brand identity which extended into collateral and a new website.

The planning stages

To speed up the process and meet an aggressive timeline, we had several teams working in parallel on brand elements, content strategy and information architecture.


The goal for the branding team was to develop an overall identity that incorporated Achieva Credit Union’s corporate colors while appealing to Achieva Wealth Advisors’ highly targeted audience. We began by creating a mood board that combined a number of graphical elements including fonts, images, colors and sample photography.

Once finalized, we incorporated these elements into a high-level brochure that Achieva Wealth Advisors’ reps could leave behind with qualified prospects. Featuring aspirational imagery and confident, clear copy, this eight-page brochure was printed on elegant, heavy paperstock and was designed to convey reliability, stability and financial well-being — the very things that Achieva Wealth Advisors deliver to Florida’s wealthiest residents.

Both the copy for the brochure and the website had to go through a stringent compliancy approval process to ensure that information presented met all financial regulations.


Meanwhile, the website team worked on creating a compelling, effective website experience. The team, including a graphic designer, creative director, front-end developer and a copywriter, began by conducting stakeholder interviews to fully understand what the site needed to deliver from a messaging and usability perspective.

Based on discovery sessions, we:

  • Narrowed down core services.
  • Conveyed the emotional component of wealth planning through stories of fictionalized people using Achieva Wealth Advisors’ services.
  • Included existing calculators, videos and articles supplied from a financial services content provider.
  • Created an easily navigable and responsive experience that appealed to both younger and older audiences.
  • Included a dropdown navigation box that would show every page on the site for speedier navigation.
  • Designed a compelling home page with an image slider that took up the entire page. This concept used both scrolling and specific buttons on the page to change the image, rather than having the graphics rotate freely as many sites do.

One of the more challenging aspects of the development came with implementing a series of financial calculators. Rather than custom-coding an entire series of calculators, it was more cost-effective to use pre-programmed calculators which were custom-skinned to fit the design. The calculators sent out information and pulled the proper calculations back to the host site, so Achieva didn’t have to host and support the extra weight of the service.

Search Engine Optimization

To ensure Achieve Wealth Advisors continues to make an impact online, we incorporated SEO best practices by including important keywords throughout the titles, meta descriptions and the web copy.

Today, Achieva Wealth Advisors has a new look, highly successful website and supporting printed materials that promote the highly valuable financial and wealth advisory services it offers high-net-worth individuals.

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