Why Choose Us?


Naveed Usman

March 05, 2019

Employing digital strategies to increase customer leads and revenue.

For 30 years, RedPrairie was a recognized global leader in warehouse and transportation management software solutions to businesses in the automotive, food & beverage, tech and pharmaceuticals industries. The company (which later merged with JDA Software Group) enjoyed a strong, well-established brand presence and a stellar reputation for enabling its clients to increase their sales by anticipating and delivering on customer demand.

The Challenge

RedPrairie provided an ample number of free whitepapers and case studies–realizing their educational and lead-generating potential–that could be downloaded from their website. The company also marketed its services to prospective customers through email campaigns to potential leads. But that was the extent of the company’s digital strategy.

RedPrairie’s leadership team wanted to drive more qualified traffic to the informational sections of their website. And they needed an efficient way to track asset downloads and email inquiries resulting from interested leads, or “raised hands.” But without an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy, they also realized they were leaving money on the table.

Our Strategy

RedPrairie enlisted our SEO strategists in a two-month campaign to test that assumption. We quickly established a cohesive strategy, combining organic and paid search tactics. It also included strategic purchasing of high-volume keywords that would display their ads at the top of the search results and increase their visibility to potential customers.

The Results

The campaign was a near-immediate success.

Within two months, visits to RedPrairie’s website increased by 283% with total number of page views increasing by 1,181%. The combination of organic and paid search strategies provided RedPrairie with a positional advantage for the duration of the campaign. Additionally, the number of “raised hands” during the campaign increased by 245% in the first month, and by an additional 20% in the second month – a great indicator that RedPrairie’s online ads were generating qualified leads.

RedPrairie continued on as our client for all its SEO needs in the years leading up to its merger with JDA Software. And through the ensuing years, with many more of our clients, we’ve proven again and again the effectiveness and competitive advantage of a smart SEO strategy in generating new customers and more revenues. We’ve stayed on top of the rapid growth in digital media, SEO tactics and all the new tools at our disposal that can give our clients maximum exposure—and help them stand out from the rest of the pack.