CNCA Health

Through its website, CNCA offers premium dietary supplements designed to support the immune system and promote wellness.


CNCA came to the Usman Group in the spring of 2011 seeking help with finding a better way to sell its supplements online.



Together we determined CNCA’s business could greatly benefit if its website had better usability, an improved shopping cart experience, greater e-commerce functionality, more site-wide savings offerings, and individualized content and sales offerings based on user preferences.



We immediately initiated our four-part process, which involved: information gathering (discovering); identifying CNCA’s specific needs, our desired outcomes and the scope of the project (defining); creating the look for the new site (designing); and building the back-end technology (developing).

We met with our client for two days; analyzed surveys, customer interviews, and analytics to help develop a well-rounded approach to creating the design; shifted the new site from clinical to warm and user-centered; and worked with our CNCA team to ensure integration.

While creating the new custom site, we incorporated a series of design and functionality changes to improve the overall user experience, presentation of information and products, and to enhance CNCA’s overall brand. These included using Ajax to power search categories, developing tab slide-outs to better communicate features about the products’ quality, custom-designing the shopping cart, creating a user-centered administrative dashboard design for “My Account,” developing and utilizing a series of custom icons to soften the site and quickly convey information…and much more.

Homepage Designs

  • Cancer Nutrition Centers of America - Homepage Design 1
  • Cancer Nutrition Centers of America - Homepage Design 2
  • Cancer Nutrition Centers of America - Homepage Design 3


Interior Screens

  • CNCA Health Rewards
  • CNCA Shop Page Details
  • CNCA Automatic Refill Page
  • CNCA Newsletter Sign up Page
  • CNCA Shop Details Page
  • CNCA Shopping Cart Page
  • CNCA Icons Page
  • CNCA User Interface Design
  • CNCA Our Quality Tab