Ellison Sunglasses

A new sunglasses company shines brightly online.

Ellison is a luxury handcrafted eyewear brand dedicated to providing the highest quality, innovation and art. The company had been selling its high-end sunglasses at brick-and-mortar retail eyeglass stores and wanted to begin selling their wares online. To launch its ecommerce division, it turned to the Usman Group, drawn by our modern design aesthetic and in-depth ecommerce knowledge.

What we did

Our team needed to create a site as visually appealing and hip as Ellison’s line of sunglasses. We planned for a website that would tell the company’s compelling story, sell their products and have room for enhancements as their business grew.

Using a parallax scroll treatment that showcased Ellison’s custom photography, we created a flexible design that would easily highlight the finer points of each style of sunglasses.

The homepage featured space to showcase new features, such as the innovative thermic frames, along with sections that discussed the products’ high quality and custom tailored manufacturing processes.

To make it easy for viewers to quickly see the sunglasses, we provided full 360 degree views and explanations that called out unique eyewear features. The user is able to quickly switch between styles and colors for each individual model while browsing through the shopping landing page.

Aside from ecommerce, we also needed to showcase Ellison’s dedication to artisanship and philanthropy. Ellison commissions independent artists to design their eyeglass boxes, so we boldly featured this on the homepage. We also showcased the box and the artist on each product page to reinforce the company’s focus on craftsmanship.

In addition, the company donates a percentage of the profits from each pair of sunglasses sold to help cure preventable blindness around the world. In a chapter of the About page titled “Look good. Do good”, we highlighted the company’s dedication to charity and named specific organizations that are beneficiaries.

“We are a brand that represents style, art, and design and we needed a site that reflected those brand qualities. The team at Usman Group not only designed a beautiful and highly functional ecommerce website, they went above and beyond with change requests and consultative sessions. Throughout the process, they built a strong relationship with us and really understood our company culture and goals. The end result is a phenomenal site that truly reflects our brand. I receive compliments on the site very frequently, and I cannot express my appreciation for the UG team enough.”Scott Lahn Creative Director Ellison Eyewear

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