Fast-Rite International

Fast-Rite International

Fast-Rite specializes in supplying millions of industrial component parts (fasteners, stampings, fittings and assemblies) to many international, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).


Fast-Rite had an outdated website with a generic and messy look, and no branding to speak of. It needed a strong brand identity, new collateral, and a solid website to help increase sales and position it for ongoing growth.



The Usman Group designed a new logo and brand identity system for use in all sales and communications channels. We created a stunning print brochure, and a new website that powerfully incorporated and supported the new brand identify, beautifully displayed products, and greatly simplified and improved the user experience.

On the backend, we leveraged HTML for page indexation, added a multi-language script to accommodate Fast-Rite’s global customer base, and utilized custom product photography to help the sales team quickly and visually share Fast-Rite’s various products on sales calls and trade shows.

Launch Website

“We were stodgy, old, inconsistent and ineffective. We needed a new identity for our rapidly evolving business. The Usman Group came in and LISTENED carefully… then produced an entirely new identity that perfectly fit our new business model. Our new identity – from logo’s to our new website and online store – is a result of their attentiveness and dedication to their customer’s success.” Jim Gillespie Marketing ManagerFast-Rite International

Fast-Rite Homepage Design


Interior Screen

Fast-Rite International Subpage Design