Founded in 1975, trusted specialty vehicle supplier LDV has evolved from creating vehicles for Snap-on Tool Corporation franchisees to expanding its product offering in the late 1980s to include making and selling special service vehicles to law enforcement, emergency response and homeland security professionals.


LDV’s website was disorganized, hard to use and very dated. The current vehicle categories were not search-engine friendly, hurting overall SEO. Product images were too small to effectively showcase. Sales staff had a very difficult time presenting their custom vehicle offerings to prospects.

The site’s online store was problematic technically (full of bugs), design-wise and functionally (inflexible with showcasing featured products). The existing content management system was cumbersome to use and had limited capabilities for making site updates without involving developers.



The Usman Group created a new site and addressed everything from design to copy to back-end functionality. We began by collaborating with the client to creates wireframes and site mapping. We created approximately 20 new design templates to provide clean design sensibilities throughout the site – from the homepage to the privacy policy pages.

We created a visual navigation that speaks to technically unsophisticated users; organized content to align with user needs and SEO; created easily understood, real-world description of all product categories; customized a thoughtful and usable organization of backend functions; and designed and built a custom shopping cart.

By examining LDV’s competitors among other steps, we created a strong, new brand.

Launch Website

Homepage Designs

  • LDV Homepage Design
  • LDV User Interface Design
  • LDV Homepage Design 2


Interior Screens

  • LDV Subpage Design
  • LDV Shop Detail Design
  • LDV Checkout Page Design
  • LDV Shopping Cart Design
  • LDV Review Order Page Design
  • LDV Service & Support Page Design
  • LDV Vehicle Page Design
  • LDV Design Elements
  • LDV Contact Page Design
  • LDV Website Page Design
  • LDV Post Your Vehicle Page Design