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Founded in 2006, Make Up First School of Makeup Artistry is the only state-certified, comprehensive art program for training of makeup artists in the Midwest.


Make Up First had outgrown a small site the Usman Group initially developed for Owner Jill Glaser’s freelance business in 2003. When she retooled her business to add a school, the original site and old templates did a poor job of accommodate all the new content. There was brand and user confusion. Because of a constant “just-add-it-to-the-website” mentality, the site became unorganized and cluttered. The original site was never intended to support all of the new content and functionality it was now being asked to do.



We built a brand new site that was flexible enough to accommodate Jill’s growing business needs – like promoting news and events, featuring artists and promoting various business units on the homepage. We still managed to maintained the excellent SEO we developed for the business over several years.

Understanding the importance of social media to the business, we made that prominent on the homepage. To help streamline admissions and increase efficiencies, we enabled users to purchase courses and workshops online. This greatly boosted enrollment. To help increase business, we developed a custom e-commerce store.

We also organized and segmented the photo gallery into two main sections: one for Jill’s freelance work, and the other to promote Make Up First’s student portfolios. Lastly, we developed a custom calendar that listed in a single place the most current, courses, events and workshops.

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“The Usman Grouped helped develop and maintain a website that was so effective, my business grew tremendously. In fact, the new site helped the business grow enough that I have now successfully created and run the only state-certified, comprehensive makeup artistry vocational school in the entire Midwest. The Usman Group will ALWAYS be my website design & development firm as I expand and strive to meet my other business goals.” Jill Glaser OwnerMake Up First®

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