Finally Finding RedPrairie: How the Usman Group Increased Online Visitation by 283% with SEO Strategies


For the past 30 years, RedPrairie has been providing retail operations, warehouse management and transportation management solutions to business in a wide variety of industries including Automotive, Food and Beverage, High Tech, and Pharmaceuticals. RedPrairie’s enterprise-wide E2e™ solutions provide the front and back end coordination throughout the customer buying cycle, enabling companies to anticipate and deliver on customer demand, and to generate more revenue

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Potential RedPrairie customers typically spend an extended period of time identifying their own operational needs, and conducting research on how other organizations have implemented and succeeded using RedPrairie’s solutions. As a result, RedPrairie provides an ample number of free whitepapers and case studies on their website, realizing their educational and lead-generating

potential. Having already sufficiently branded themselves offline, RedPrairie needed a strategy to increase their online presence. Not only did they want to drive qualified traffic to the informational sections of their website, they also needed a way to track asset downloads and the resulting email inquiries from interested leads, or “raised hands”.


RedPrairie had previously relied on email campaigns to reach out to potential leads who had expressed interest in their services. However, contact maintenance and campaign management became logistically complicated with their content management system. Suggesting RedPrairie could effectively cut through the marketing clutter without relying solely on an email marketing strategy, The Usman Group quickly established a cohesive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy, combining organic and paid search tactics. A two-month campaign was launched, complete with analytic and reporting capabilities. The Usman Group monitored and reported campaign results daily, providing RedPrairie with strategic, adjustment recommendations.

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Organic Optimization

The Usman Group’s approach to organically optimizing was two-fold. The first step was to use XML to create a content-rich site map. Without this crucial element, RedPrairie’s content was essentially hidden from search engine crawlers, making it nearly impossible for to naturally appear near the top of search results from keywords specific to their industry. Once the map was in place, engines like Google and were able to read the hundreds of pages available on RedPrairie’s site. This simple and cost-effective method allowed these engines to crawl deeper into, driving more traffic to their site, and dramatically increasing their organic growth opportunity. The second step was to identify and optimize all external anchors that were linking to External anchors are terms that other sites use to link to a specific website. The more external anchors a site has linking to it, the greater visibility it will have when users enter those terms into major search engines. The Usman Group identified all of’s external anchors and created a strategy for contacting the various locations to ask them to adjust their anchor link terms to meet RedPrairie’s search optimization needs.


Paid Search Optimization

In addition to organic optimization, The Usman Group suggested that RedPrairie secure their ranking on Google and by strategically purchasing keywords that would display their ads at the top of the search results, increasing their visibility to potential customers. They worked collaboratively with the RedPrairie to identify high-volume keywords that would help them increase their brand awareness. Conscientious of RedPrairie’s financial goals, the Usman Group also provided consultation on how much much they should budget for certain keywords. Utilizing search engine placement reporting, the Usman Group further enhanced RedPrairie’s original list by identifying additional high-potential keywords that could also comfortably fit into the budget. As a result, RedPrairie was able to confidently launch their paid search campaign with the added assurance of daily keyword performance monitoring. The Usman Group provided ongoing support throughout the campaign, ensuring the best possible traffic was being driven to


In just two months, visits to increased by 283% with total number of page views increasing by 1,181%. The combination of organic and paid search strategies provided with a positional advantage for the duration of the campaign, providing potential customers searching on Google and with ample opportunities to discover RedPrairie.

Additionally, the number of “raised hands” during the campaign increased by 245% in the first month, and by an additional 20% in the second month – a superb indicator that RedPrairie’s online ads were successfully generating qualified leads. RedPrairie also saw a dramatic increase in the number of informational downloads accessed from their site. This was due, in part, to utilizing less intrusive methods that didn’t require users to provide personal information such as an email address.

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