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Planning for Digital - Post-Pandemic

Naveed Usman

January 15, 2021



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The COVID-19 crisis has put into stark relief just how fragile and interdependent our world is. Companies and organizations have embraced the latest slew of digital tools as a necessity, all in an act for normalcy, continuity and survival. Nearly overnight, this brutish attempt at survivalism has pushed our professional workforce to perform in an uncomfortable virtual setting, forcing most of us who have not been indoctrinated into the ways of digital to improvise.

In an attempt to make sense of our current chaotic environment, leveraging the flexible 2×2 Decision Matrix makes the most sense. Typically, strategy experts use this framework at the start of a planning cycle or to assist in making tough decisions about business focus. I’ve chosen this structured approach to help frame the latter and by identifying four current key trends and measuring them across two essential business dimensions: effort and cost. I start with what is happening now, namely the need for continuity and move into more challenging, yet required territories, in the form of resiliency.

Pre-pandemic, we had the time to pontificate about ideal virtual collaboration tools, methods, or balanced work from home policies, but all that feels very distant now. The need for serious revenue generation and organizational continuity has taken command to usher many of us (privileged knowledge workers) into the next normal

How will this new reality impact the business climate within the next 24-36 months? No one wants to be the ones shuffling chairs on the Titanic. Navigating through these uncertain times requires an understanding of the deeper trends that are already happening in business and will more than likely materialize into our digital ecosystem. Your organization’s survival in this future ecosystem will depend on four key elements: Continuity, Efficiency, Substitution and Resiliency.