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The RoomPlace

Naveed Usman

March 01, 2019

From Couch Surfing to Couch Buying: How The RoomPlace Acquired New Customers and a 637% ROI Using Paid Search & E-mail Marketing

The Challenge

Headquartered in Lombard, IL, The RoomPlace is best known for its total-room concept, providing online and in-store customers an easy and convenient furniture buying experience. Customers can choose from a wide variety of designs to complement their individual tastes and needs. While individual pieces are available and sold separately, customers save money when purchasing a complete room.

The RoomPlace’s main objective was to increase their online brand presence with customers who had never heard of them, and who had never considered them as a destination point in the furniture market. They wanted to increase their offline sales using online strategies, but needed a fresh approach to lead generation.

Our Strategy

Two campaigns were developed and tested during a six-week period. Strategically selected keywords with high search volumes and conversion potential were utilized to increase ad rankings for The RoomPlace on the various search engines. Additionally, The Usman Group monitored each keyword’s performance on a daily basis, securing The RoomPlace’s position and ensuring conversion goals were being met. Each ad directed customers to a microsite, showcasing an offer with a printable coupon for redemption at any RoomPlace store. Email blasts reminding customers that their coupons were about to expire were submitted towards the end of each campaign.

When customers searched for ‘bedroom furniture’, ‘discount furniture’, and other related keywords on the various search engines, a banner ad created by The Usman Group like the sample shown here, appeared at the top of the engine’s page.

Each coupon contained a unique media code, allowing Usman Group to accurately attribute offline sales to online marketing efforts. Customers were also invited to sign up for offers, ideas and news from The RoomPlace.

“Working with Naveed and his team on a number of design and search marketing projects have resulted in averages that hover 20% conversion rates and 300% ROI’s. They have a constant stream of new ideas to reach new customers. We view them truly as a strategic partner rather than a run-of-the-mill vendor. They’re always available to us and are really fun to work with. We look forward to cultivating a long lasting business relationship with the Usman Group.”

— Sondra Wellmerling, ‎Former Vice President of Marketing, The RoomPlace

The Results

Spending less than 1% of their total advertising budget on their online campaign during a skittish and uncertain economy, The RoomPlace realized an impressive 637% ROI, far exceeding traditional offline advertising methods. In addition, 2,192 email sign-ups were received, and new customer acquisitions increased by 63%.

Effective analysis allowed the The RoomPlace to measure campaign results, and provided them with important insight for future campaigns. They experienced the value of paid search, achieving their goals of increasing sales, visibility and leads. As a result, The RoomPlace increased their online spend, and decided to continue to partner with The Usman Group on additional projects.