Constraint is Needed

We love it when clients trust us. Most clients do—why shouldn’t they? Fact is, we are trust-worthy (and pretty awesome). Where that trust is aimed by the client is what sometimes causes issues. Some clients’ aim is to give us complete freedom. They may think to themselves, “These guys are great, creative, and their past work speaks for itself.” Therefore, they figure their best bet is to give us free reign and then they say something to us like, “Just…

Finding A Practical Use For Flash

One thing I never understood while going to design school is why I had to learn Flash. At that point in time, it wasn’t like Flash was a new fad with a ripe future. It already had its day in the sun and was being pushed further out of the spotlight by developments in CSS3 and HTML5. Most of my teachers hated it too, but I still had to take multiple classes. And where did that get me? Not too…

CSS3 Gradients and Hover Transitions

CSS3 offers the ability to add gradients without having to cut out an image. However, since using gradients is technically a background image, you cannot simply change the colors of your gradient on hover and expect a smooth transition. There are a few options to get around this problem.

Cropping Images for Responsive Design

A common solution for images in responsive design is to add a max-width of 100% to all images. This allows for the images to scale relative to the container that it is in. This method is easy to implement, but what happens if you don’t want the image to scale, and you would rather have it crop depending on the size of its container?