We’re Hiring – Mid Level Web Designer

You should have an insatiable appetite for learning new things and improving upon existing ones. Typically, you’ll find yourself working on a variety of web-related projects and informing our clients (directly) on elegant solutions that will fix their design problems.

The First 60 Days

As the first Account Manager here at Usman Group, I wanted to give everyone a glimpse into my first couple of months after joining the team. Let’s take it back to the very first day. (Insert rewind sound effect here) Everyone knows that feeling from childhood when you’re starting your first day at a new school. That mixed feeling of anxiousness and excitement; you’re worried if the new school is going to be a good fit, but also excited for…

We’re Hiring: Front-End Developer

We design and build custom websites for companies, colleges, publications, and organizations all across the Midwest. We put a great deal of thought and effort into each website that we make, so that they’re easy to use and easy to find. We believe in thoughtful user experiences, detail-oriented designs and impeccably clean code. If you enjoy solving big problems, working in small teams and growing yourself as a web professional – then we want to talk to you…

Episode 2 – Content Strategy

In this edition of the Usman Group podcast, Naveed and Chris sit down to talk about the ins and outs of content strategy. This podcast covers the basics of content strategy, including reasons to implement a content strategy plan, how it effects search engine optimization, an overview on best practices, and peeling through different types of content.  

Let’s Write! Tips To Help Get You Started When Writing Copy

Since I posted the content creation guidelines and the recent podcast about the importance of creating good copy, I have been thinking about other ways to help people with copy creation. The fact is that writing is a difficult process, especially when you have to create all new content totally from scratch. There is no doubt that there will be times when you hit a wall, and cant get over the writers block. So I came up with a few…