SMaC Recipe

What are the things that make your company so successful? For us, it comes down to 12 specific things we follow on a regular basis.

In the spirit of transparency, I thought it might be a good idea to share with the outside world our own company’s recipe for success – in no specific order…

  1. Encourage collaboration and foster an environment for positivity with all players on our team.
  2. Follow our project process and checklist for every project we engage in. We will skip over those tasks that aren’t relevant to the project.
  3. Be highly selective on the sorts of projects we take on. We have limited resources, so we must be cautious on the opportunities we pursue and the commitments we promise to keep. Our reputation is on the line for each and every project we take on. Always. One bad project could severely ruin our good name or hinder the quality we’re known for. To that end, we’ll work only on projects we know we can deliver on.
  4. Choose strategic partners wisely and never use an untested partner on an actual client engagement. We run the risk of losing the account and/or project should they fail to deliver on their part. If a partner happens to fail us, we will not work with them again.
  5. Do not bite off more than we can chew. There will be times when we’re slammed with client/project work and will have to either pass on the opportunity or let the client know roughly when we can realistically start on their project.
  6. Be sincere – always. If we’re honest with our clients as to our thoughts and opinions on a project deliverable, they will appreciate our professional candor. Our recommendations will be sincere and focused on solving our clients needs, and not lining our pockets.
  7. Come together as a team to solve the project problem(s) at hand. Those who ask for help will get it, regardless of rank. We will all pitch in where we can.
  8. The best idea wins. It doesn’t matter who came up with the idea either. Whether it is one of our players or the clients’. We will cultivate a culture that rewards substance over rank.
  9. On open-projects, we will communicate directly with the client at least once per week. On finished-projects, we will not let them feel forgotten, so following up at least once per quarter with key account stake-holders is mandatory.
  10. We must seek out clients that appreciate long-term business relationships and view us as strategic business partners rather than run-of-the-mill vendors.
  11. Fire those that do not complete their work, deliver results, take constructive critiques well or value team work.
  12. Refuse to participate in solicited spec work requests.

SMaC stands for Specific, Methodical and Consistent. What’s your company’s SMaC business recipe for success?

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