There Are No Problems, Just Situations

I learned a valuable lesson per my recent trip to Jamaica. The locals there have this over-arching philosophy that there are no problems, only situations. When I first heard that, it was so profound. After I saw it plastered on gift shop tee-shirts, it lost a little luster.

What I took away from this is that they see problems as opportunities – not as obstacles. This is a huge realization ok, so stew on it for a sec. Once you see problems apart from yourself – you’ll see how to tackle your problems very differently. Regardless if they’re large or small, it’s how you deal with the problem that also counts.

I thought hard about this since my trip to Jamaica was full of obstacles. The problem was my passport had just expired. I discovered this fact the night before my flight was scheduled to depart. I couldn’t blow the trip off since it was my best friends wedding and I was the best man. So how did I do it? Piece by piece, I identified all the opportunities – no matter how crazy they were and created an action plan. Each action was dependant on the next, so it was critical to execute each task flawlessly. Sure there’s more to the story, but I won’t bother you with the details (if you really want to know, there are ways to game the system). Just know that I worked through my situation, and in less than 24 hours I was sipping cold drinks on the beach and watching my best friend become a whole person.

Problems can be solved. But you must work through them. Think objectively and remember to stay cool and in control. The rest will follow.

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